Top 10 Best iOS Games


iOS and Android are operating systems for smartphones, tablets and of recent television sets. Android is open source and licensed for use by numerous phone manufacturers unlike iOS that is limited to only Apple products. These platforms are engineered in a way that allows 3rd party application to run on them. Thus the popular exhilarating addictive mobile phone game applications and the best of them are;

  1. Angry birds

Forget Chicken Little, here the chicken can even choose to blow up like bombs if the insensitive greedy egg stealing green pigs push them to their limits, the chicken come in different colors and sizes for you to sling shot and blow up buildings. Rivio Entertainment’s Angry Birds was driven to the success of selling over 12 million copies in iTunes Store alone by its comical addictive style as well as being lower priced. Recently it has been made available for free and in unison with the social networking trend, a social network compatible version Angry Birds Friends is soon to be released.

  1. Words with Friends

Zynga’s Words with Friends bares a lot of similarities to scrabble. But its emphasis on social interaction regardless of whether you are playing with friends or strangers set it apart from other word making crossword puzzle games. It has an ad supported version as well as an ad free paid version though both versions do have paid extras that make playing the game more fun. This popular friendly game due its social nature is not only limited to iOS only but also available on Kindle Fire, Android, Nook Tablet and Windows Phone. More so it is not as complex as scrabble thus even novices can enjoy playing it.

  1. Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies is another cool game by Rivio Entertainments, no wonder it shares similarities with their famous Angry Birds. After the pigs chief engineer creating a fool proof plan, its blueprints unfortunately gets scattered away by the wind. So the pigs have to cunningly build a multi-purpose vehicle using rather mundane material to salvage their plans. And as expected the vehicle keeps failing them however their reaction whenever they realize that something is about to go wrong will leave you laughing other than discouraged. This intuitive physics puzzle game is a rather creative exciting challenging yet rewarding experience hence its popularity.

  1. Temple Run

Temple Run’s popularity made Imangi Studios (its makers) more popular than Zynga. Earlier downloadable at cost of 99 cents Temple Run was later changed to a freemium by its makers though it’s recent version Temple Run Brave costs 99 cents. Right from the start the character in the game is running away from some demonic creatures, he keeps running while collecting rewards throughout the game yet having to duck or jump depending on the obstacle head. Though the game has different characters their abilities are basically the same. Unfortunately the game still cannot work on Iphone 5’s bigger slightly bigger screen.

  1. Walking Dead: The Game

This is an adventure episodic point and click role playing game based on Robert Kirkman’s comic series The Walking Dead. This game was developed by Telltale Games has received over 80 awards and also received numerous positive reviews praising it plus it has sold over 8.5 million copies. Set in the American South the game is about survivors interacting and helping each other survive a zombie attack. Actually it’s the human interaction in it and emotional tone as well as the relation built between characters that have won it critical acclaim. Its impeccable quality gaming experience has brought back to life the earlier declining popularity of adventure games.

  1. Minecraft

Minecraft is a creative game that modifies the block building style of Tetris to a more entertaining experience that involves exploration, resource gathering, combat and crafting aspects. It also exploits your devices GPS system to locate other players’ creations with in your locality and has survival, creative and adventure modes on top of being a multiplayer capable game. Minecraft was originally created by Markus “Notch” Persson and later developed and published by Mojang. The popularity of this game has enabled it sell over 20 million copies over all phone operating system platforms regardless of it depending entirely on word of mouth and not investing advertising at all.

  1. Plague INC

This bug game that lets you play the evil genius is pretty addictive and hard to shake off once you are infected by it. You are supposed to control and spread a plague that has infected patient zero, the aim being to infect the whole world before a cure for the plague is developed. Plague INC is a strategy/simulation game single handedly built by an English individual developer under Ndemic Creations. Its popularity has seen it accumulate over 2 million paid downloads and also got it nominated by IGN Game of the Year 2012 awards under the Overall Best Strategy Game category.

  1. Monopoly

Monopoly originally published by the Parker Brothers and currently under the toy company Hasbro as a board game made its rounds on computer as well as video games and now is available for iOS in the iTune Store. The digital mobile phone version was developed by EA Games. This multiplayer game lets you choose the expertise of your computer opponents from easy to difficulty should you have no humans to play against. The aim of the game is to build your reaches while bankrupting your opponents. Regardless of the absence of the manual dice to shake, the wonderful graphics and jingles make this also a wonderful experience.

  1. Rayman: Jungle Run

Rayman: Jungle Run is a game by Ubisoft powered by their UbiArt Framework; the platform that won numerous Platform of the Year awards. This challenging sparkling game brings the wonderful seamless gaming experience of Rayman Origins to iOS. The player runs in the jungle, encountering differing challenges, which when overcome unlock new abilities for the character. Rayman: Jungle run also has vivid graphics and really entertaining jingles. Its popularity is affirmed by its being among the top 15 iTune Store game applications downloads of 2012. However it is worth noting that regardless of the similar colors and character, Rayman: Jungle Run and Rayman Origins are different.

  1. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja or rather Fruit Ninja HD as it is known on Ipad is a really easy to play entertaining game developed by Halfbrick. By 2012 it had sold over 300 million downloads, majority of which were from the iTune Store. It is such popularity that earned it a place in Time Magazine’s Top 50 iPhone games of 2011. In this game the player has to slice fruits being thrown at them, it is a rather easy to play low cost entertaining game. The aim is not miss slicing fruits more than 3 times; you earn a combo point for multiple continuous fruit slicing., Web Development and SEO Link Building Services…