Everything about SEO marketing

I bet You wondered these days about the new popular term “SEO”, if you are writer or a web developer then you must have heard about that term and probably know its meaning,  it took me some time to realize that “SEO” means  “Search engine optimization“ or sometimes “optimizer “ in the case of using some automated tools in the process of this optimization, but still what is the meaning of this word ? and are there types of it ? and what can i do to be SEO expert ?


Let’s answer each question in a way you that after reading you will have a fully understand about that term.

SEO meaning


Search engine optimization is a really nice tactics and methods to be in the first place  by having high rankings in SERP ( search engine results page ) that include Google , bing and yahoo , and the fact is that most of the webpages that are in the SERP get the most engagement. but wait a minute , I think now you started to believe that this is a big thing ! in fact SEO is not just big , it’s enormous ocean but easy to wave ride it .


We will talk now about the most basic optimization tactics as i said it’s a long ocean but i will talk to you as a beginner in SEO , you know now that  SEO means optimization of search engines but what you don’t know is what to optimize!


The first two things you will need really to optimize are the two most important things within a website or a blog you need to increase its  CTR  ( click through rate ) and its visibility to people.


High CTR means that you are generating high traffic , means that most people are clicking in your links in a continuous way for a relatively long time , and SEO helps very much in that.

another thing is your visibility on the SERP , and that depends on the SEO rankings that you have , and the rankings themselves depends on many factors such as the Good hosting and The Good CTR as well and a lot of other factors you can’t even imagine that they affect the Rankings.

Types of SEO Marketing


there are many types of SEO marketing , the most important of them are :

1- Organic SEO


It is the type of SEO that involves Adding keywords and analyzing it and also back linking and improving link capabilities to make it even popular than before , and also Updating the content to match Google recent policies

2- White hat SEO


This is Ethical SEO , different names lead to the same purpose of Organic SEO but more advanced , as White hat SEO  involves most of Organic SEO techniques  such as back linking and improving keywords but it do more than just that !

According to SEO Shark ethical SEO is commonly used by the long term investors as they know that includes the same methods as organic SEO but in a more professional way.

3- Black hat SEO


This is unethical SEO  or spamdexing , from it’s name we know that it is the contrast of Ethical SEO,  yes as it is used in short term way and don’t focus on human audience, in contrast it focuses only on Search engines , and typically used by those who want financial income in a fast way.

These techniques are usually an aggressive Organic ones , instead of improving the keywords, they stuff them as pillow inside the website , and most of them are not related to this website main content , also from the common methods are : Hidden text   Over-linking , Door ways and swapping site content. Most of the websites that uses that type of SEO get banned from Search engines , so be aware of that.

How to be SEO expert


As you read this article you may think that i’m an Expert by nature  , hell no !

SEO is like Gymnastics , you need to practice everyday and be patient that’s all what it takes to be an Expert and even better than me.

The question now is how to practice SEO , and it is really simple , you need to search for blogs and videos , some people learn from Books but we learn from Google and YouTube, so search on them and you will find what you want , you will find courses on Lynda and Udemy, there is also books about SEO ( for book addicts ) , so stop being lazy and practice now.