Top SEO Mistakes Made by Affiliates

Affiliate marketing can be immensely powerful when affiliate goals and search engine optimization are pushing in the same direction. However, there is a large number of affiliate marketers who are missing out sustainable and substantial growth because they are either ignoring SEO or making mistakes that can negatively impact the effectiveness and use of their affiliate campaigns. The best way you can avoid these mistakes is to know what they are. Listed below are the top SEO mistakes that affiliates make:

  • Focusing on keywords rather than solutions

A number of affiliate sites just plug in relevant keywords on their landing pages without thinking how the product can benefit consumers. Yes, keywords are important because they generate traffic, but if you want to increase the conversion rate of visitors, you also have to focus on offering solutions. Listing the bells and whistles of your offering and using keywords is not enough; show your customers the value they can get with your product and how it can improve their life.

  • Not developing original content

Too many affiliate websites are just a list of products and their features and don’t have any content. PPC ads can direct traffic to these websites, but the campaign will eventually sink when the advertising budget is exhausted. As per an SEO specialist from Develomark, A real site offers unique content and real value to the visitors. If you turn your affiliate website into a hub of information that’s useful and relevant, you can earn organic backlinks and keep drawing customers, which gets it higher rankings.

  • Duplicating or missing META descriptions

The META and Title descriptions of your affiliate websites need to be unique and useful because they appear in the search engine result pages (SERPs) and can go a long way in distinguishing your website from competitors. Write unique and creative descriptions of every product and avoid duplicating them. Never leave them empty either as this can hurt your rankings. Plugins can also be used for creating custom templates for your META descriptions.

  • Neglecting mobile optimization

If you open affiliate websites on mobile, most of them look awful because they are neglecting this opportunity to beat big brands in mobile SERPs. As far as mobile and SEO are concerned, you have to focus on site speed, particularly when images are involved, and also need to use plugins. Mobile optimization needs to be prioritized so a faster user experience can be provided and this increases value. Also, search engines have begun to use mobile-first indexing for ranking websites.

  • Using irrelevant backlinks

The bread and butter of affiliate websites are their backlinks, but the wrong and irrelevant ones can get you in trouble with search engines. They may even be seen as link schemes, which can get your site blacklisted. Affiliate websites need to ensure that all their pages can add significant value to all users who land on them. Get affiliate links hosted on websites that have some authority. Check the quality of your backlinks with SEO tools to avoid serious consequences.