10 MUST DO’s Before You Start Logo Designing Services for Your B2B Website

95% of the world’s best brands use only one or two colors.41% of brands use a stylized format for their logos.93% of logos are simple enough to be recognized at small sizes

A logo must be simple: A simple logo design will make it easier to recognize, to be versatile and memorable. An effective logo puts forward something original and unique, without being too complex.

A logo must be memorable: The principle of memorability comes just behind that of simplicity. An effective logo must be memorable; so you have to make sure you design a simple, yet punchy logo.

A logo must last: An effective logo must be able to overcome the test of time. The logo must be able to last in time, and be able to be “displayed”in 10, 20, 50+ years.

A logo must be versatile: An effective logo must be able to be used through multiple media and applications.

 A logo must be relevant: The way you position your logo must be adapted to its intended purpose. For more information,

Main mistakes to avoid when creating a logo

Avoid these design errors when using any of the following logo creation software:

  • Avoid using a clip art that is not attractive for your B2B website
  • Do not make your logo too complex
  • Make sure your logo is attractive in black and white.
  • If you plan to use a graphic designer for your logo, here are some things to remember. Applying to a graphic designer can cost you 10 times more than online logo creation software. For new businesses, time is money. Online platforms allow you to freely create a logo at any time, when your schedule allows it. Most offer you the opportunity to explore different models until you find the one that suits you. With a tool for creating logos online, no comings and goings, contract negotiations and surely no conflicting visions.
  • It depends on your business, but for most small business owners, online logo creation software is the best solution. Instead of entrusting your resources to a graphic designer who will cost you a lot and take a lot of time, we prefer you to focus on the branding strategy and the development of your company.