5 Less Known Gmail Alternatives with Plenty of Useful Features

There are actually many Gmail alternatives that you can choose as your main email provider. Here are five email services that you can consider.


GMX might not be as popular as Gmail, but it is actually very reliable. It can be used to handle other email services and its mobile app is very easy to use. Furthermore, it also gives the users free unlimited storage.

Organizing messages is very easy because it has drag and drop function. In addition to the usual email features, this email service also allows you to insert photos taken live from the web cam directly to the email and send it to anyone you want. You can also import contacts from various sources including Facebook and Outlook.


Lycos has been around since the 90s and it was pretty popular back then. Its name might be rarely heard nowadays, and it now mainly operates as search engine and web portal, but it still has some useful free email features that you might like.

The free version offers 500 MB of storage and it is also equipped with reliable antivirus and spam filters. The most useful features Lycos offers is it blocks function. It allows the users to easily block specific email addresses and even emails with certain domain names.


Yandex is a Russian company that focuses its service on various internet products such as browser, search engine and certainly email. Accessing Yandex emails will not be a hassle because it supports POP and IMAP. Besides from web browser, the email also can be opened via dedicated Yandex Mail application.

The best point of Yandex is it has Spamoborona technology to filter spam mails. It is also backed by Dr.Web to guard the emails from viruses. The interface is simple, which is what the public wants in this modern age. It also has intuitive features and various organization tools such as labels, templates and message categories.


Hushmail might not be the most popular nor the most feature packed email service. But it can still be an alternative for Gmail, especially for those who only need basic features. It offers 25 MB of free storage and it is also very easy to access Hushmail via various mobile devices and even Outlook.

Its features might be very simple, but its security system doesn’t disappoint. If you lost your password, there is no way to recover it. So, there is very little chance that someone is able to access your account with your permission.


ProtonMail is known to be an email provider that provides the best security. The company is headquartered in Switzerland and all of its servers are located there as well. The email service uses end-to-end encryption with the best encryption technology like OpenPGP and RSA.

The free account offers 500 MB of storage and it also comes with mobile app that can be accessed in Android and iOS devices. ProtonMail is one of the best Gmail alternatives because it puts the users’ privacy as priority and it will never track or record any user information.