5 Tips for creating amazing Presentations for Slideshare

Slideshare to glory

The utility of SlideShare as a tool to increase traffic is a well-documented one. Marketers are well aware of the potential of this marvelous tool and make the best possible use of it. This article showcases a few tricks that will help the digital marketer as well as the community manager to up their antes, when it comes to engaging the mass, through SlideShare.

The visuals

The world runs on visuals and the human mind is hooked on to something which seems striking to it. SlideShare decks are meant to attract people through its stunning visuals. Keep the slides clear and concise and it is not best to clutter it. Visuals should be meaningful and the end user needs to be kept in mind. Also, the message being delivered has to be quite prominent. An effective SlideShare will force the user to think and ponder, before helping him or her make an informed decision.

Some of the best SlideShares rely on the power of the visuals, whether, they are in the form of infographics or otherwise. Occupying the mind space of the user is of prime importance and with stunning visuals, half the battle is won.

If you lack the skills to create great visual, rely yourself in PowerPoint templates that can help you

The Message

Something which was briefly explained in the previous point, the message that needs to be delivered needs to be focused and clear. Messages should have the ability to shock as well as invoke emotions. It needs to be well structured and has to be firmly embedded within the realms of the SlideShare. Strong messages have a habit of taking the user by storm. However, in order to achieve that, the method needs to be perfected. Content marketing, in most of the cases, relies on the power to shock and reveal. The user is influenced, through the usage of a well-defined message. The information provided has to be useful and needs to complement the visuals, used in the SlideShare.

Keep it simple

Nothing works better than keeping things short, simple and sweet. A survey has shown that the best of SlideShare presentations have not more than 14 slides and fewer than 25 words per slide. This will let the viewer understand the slides much more effortlessly and the seamless transition between slides is not hindered. Remember, a strong and focused approach will prevent your presentation from veering off the objective. That is a great pitfall, every marketer fears.

Add Value

And you get the value back. Every SlideShare is created with a call to action feature. This will enable the presenter to engage the audience in a much more fruitful way. One has to be constantly helping the user identify the values that the presentation has for him or her and only then can the presentation be called effective. Value addition is the sole objective of any marketing drive. Users will only arrive when benefits are known to them. No organization, website or service will last if they do not come with benefits. And those are the values that should be advertised prominently in your SlideShare.

The follow-up

An effective SlideShare is the one which can be shared from different sources as well to different sources. The more a SlideShare is shared, the greater is the eyeball it will grab. For marketers, a power presentation is a weapon of choice. It neither is too complex to create nor expensive at all. But it does have the ability to create a lasting impression. SlideShare have sharing options and it is an extremely useful feature. List your emails and sent across the presentation to your target audience. A well-made SlideShare will never disappoint.