Different Types of Medium Casters

Casters are a great way to move large objects that will require help from many people to move. These are wheels that attach to the bottom of different objects and equipment. Some of them, such as Albion casters, are so versatile that the medical, industrial and educational industries use them. Below is a closer look at the different types of medium casters.

Stem Casters

A stem caster is simply a medium caster that comes with a built-in stem. The purpose of the stem is to make the caster easier to attach to equipment with which it’s designed to be used. Equipment that’s designed for stem casters has pre-drilled holes in its bottom corners. Since stem casters are so easy to attach, they can make large objects mobile in a matter of minutes.

Top Plate Casters

Sometimes, objects are too big or two heavy for stem casters to work. In this case, or in the case of objects that aren’t originally designed for casters, top plate casters are a great option. Unlike stems, top plate casters come with flat metal plates on top of the wheels. The plates can be bolted to objects to ensure that the casters and object are connected securely.

Wheel Types

Beyond the different heads that come on casters, medium casters have various wheels. The rubber, plastic and even metal can differ. Each type of wheel has it’s own pros and cons. When you choose caster wheels, determine if you want wheels with flat or round treads. You also have to decide if you need wheels that are conductive or nonconductive. Depending on the industry that you work in, this can be a very important decision to make. The type of wheels that you choose will also determine the noise that the caster makes when it’s rolling. For example, metal wheels are louder than rubber wheels.

Medium-sized casters are a great way to turn unmovable objects into more portable ones. There are many different industries that benefit from casters. Even some homeowners find that casters make moving furniture and other items easier. Several manufacturers make casters, so look for one that fits your individual needs.