Game of Thrones TV Series – Unsuitable for Teenagers to Watch

Parenting is about responsibilities to getting your children introduced to the world with all brutalities. Making kids known to matters such as sex, violence and drugs is a significant concern but many parents do not know when they should start discussing these topics with offspring. While some wait for their kids to reach puberty, some others consider it appropriate to talk about it with preteens. However, the things go against when kids learn about these sensitive matters before the appropriate age and from a source other than parents.

In this digital age, kids learn about many sensitive subjects from the internet, television and movies. The teens and tweens are regularly being exposed to the stuff that is not appropriate for their age. The tv shows, drama series and movies produced by the bigger television networks and filmmakers are not intended for families and particularly children. One of its examples is the blockbuster drama series Game of Thrones.

What Game of Thrones is About?

Game of Thrones is the story of nine families fighting for the control of the land of Westeros. The first season of the show was premiered in 2011 and the concluding eighth seasons would be released in 2018 or 2019. The sensual drama series has got record viewership and has an international fan base. The popularity of HBO’s epic Game of Thrones is not behind the scenes. The American television show is getting praises from all around the world for its characters, plot and story. At the same time, many have criticized the show for frequently showing nudity, violence and sexual violence.

The frequent objectionable scenes in Game of Thrones have been compared with porn. The Stephen Dillane who is playing the role of Stannis Baratheon in GOT related the female nudity shown in the show with the German porn of the 1970s. The drama series has also influenced the viewership of the traditional porn sites. On the premiere of GOT seventh season, the popular porn site experienced a decrease in viewership by 4.5 percent. This decrease was greater than the viewership decline encountered at the time of GOT sixth season premiere. However, the porn site viewership faced 5.2 percent decline during the final episode of GOT season six.

Why Teens Should Not Be Allowed to Watch Game of Thrones

Game of Throne is an irresistible masterpiece having an addictive plot, close to the reality characters and the exemplary setting of medieval times. Though the element of nudity and violence cause the show to bear criticism, there are myriad reasons to acclaim the show. However, there is not an appropriate reason to allow tweens and teens to watch Game of Throne.

The American tv show is mainly focused on the political diplomacies and war situations where sexual abuse and violence is common. Almost every episode of GOT exhibits at least one sexually explicit or violence related scene. The plot of the drama is not easy for children under the age of 14 to understand. The fantasy drama series teaches a few horrible life lessons that the teens are more likely to misinterpret. It creates uncertainty and cynicism in children. It teaches that one should not be emotionally involved with anyone even to their four-legged friend for the reason that they may lose their dear ones. It portrays noble people as weak and vulnerable more likely to be exterminated by evils. It may influence kids to choose to be evil and crook rather than principled and self-sacrificing. The show also talks over the sensitive topic of incest which is inappropriate for underage children. There is not anything for kids to learn from GOT except rape, sex, violence, nudity and drinking.

What is Appropriate Age for Watching Game of Thrones?

There is not any other opinion than that Game of Thrones is not for children. Letting your kids watch GOT is like allowing them to watch porn sites or even more awful stuff. Do not allow kids watch the Game of Thrones sensual drama series between the ages of 8 to 18. If they insist, explain to them why you cannot permit them to watch the adult show until they reach a specific age.

Some parents think that they can allow kids to watch such show under their supervision. They are of the view that watching such shows together with kids enables parents to discuss the sensitive aspects later on. Ask yourself if you would feel comfortable seeing frequent scenes showing sexual violence with your kids. Not any parent would feel at ease watching nudity, violence and sexual abuse with their kids again and again. Disallowing kids from watching Game of Thrones and adult shows until they grow up is the only solution.

How to Prevent Teens From Watching Game Of Thrones?

Putting parental controls on home television can help prevent your kids from watching GOT and other adult shows. You can use computer and mobile phone parental control app to restrict children from watching GOT on the internet. The mobile parental control and monitoring software enable parents to restrict access to pornography and age-inappropriate content on internet connected devices. You can block websites hosting Game of Thrones on your kids’ devices. Meanwhile, you can monitor the internet use of your teens viewing the internet browsing history of their phones and capturing their phone screens to see what they are viewing in real time. The phone tracking app also enables you to remotely monitor the videos downloaded from the internet or received from any other source. In short, the mobile surveillance app leaves no way for your kid to secretly watch age-inappropriate stuff.


Parents better know how difficult it is to stop kids from doing something. They are more likely to do the stuff behind you backs they are not allowed to do. The most effective way to deal with children is to have frequent discussions with them with an aim to instill personal judgment in them. Let them decide what is better for them but ensure monitor them to offer support in the hours of need.