Get the best electronic components at the most cost effective prices

With OEM Secrets, the online search engine for electronic components. This online website is the link between distributors and manufacturers and their potential buyers and the other way round. OEM Secrets created a safe and insightful marketplace for electronic components. It helps companies sell their products and helps customers find get the best price for what they are looking for.

By comparing prices on OEM Secrets, you find out the cost per piece or per wholesale so that you can make the best decision when purchasing. The benefit for the manufacturers and distributors is that OEM Secrets redirects customers on the company’s website. So when someone decides to buy from one brand, OEM Secrets sends the customer directly to the brand’s shopping basket and the order is placed with the manufacturer, or the distributor.

OEM Secrets realized there was a huge gap when it came to comparing electronic components prices and the need to connect sellers with buyers. They created this online catalogue where companies can present and sell their products, and consumers can evaluate the best offer and make a purchase after a thorough price analogy.

The website is so easy to use and was created instinctively. You enter OEM Secret’s website, type the number of the component you need, press enter and the list of pops out. This catalogue shows the price per piece and per multiple items, the company selling them and manufacturer. Once you have decided on the provider, you click the buy now button and you are instantly redirected on the company’s website.

OEM Secrets does not act as an intermediate, it simply helps sellers connect with their buyers and helps the buyers find the best prices and the best products for their needs. And, you can also choose the manufacturer you trust and buy from the company dealing the spare part at the best cost on the market.

So purchase wisely, purchase safely with OEM Secrets, the online search engine for electronic components and price comparison.