How to Avoid Problems When You are Choosing CDN

Having a slow loading website may become a real pain unless you find an effective way on how to fix the problem. Most of website owners use a CDN to speed up their websites as this solution is one of the most effective ways on how to speed up your site.

So what is a CDN and how to find the most appropriate CDN company?

A CDN: Why Should I Try It?

When you own a crawling website, you may apply for a CDN service to speed it up. A CDN or a Content Delivery Network is a network of servers scattered around the world and used for storing a web content (images, CSS and JS files and etc.). When you apply for such kind of service, you may always get an opportunity to disperse your web files around the world and deliver them to your target audience at a high speed.

However, this isn’t the only benefit you can get while applying for a CDN:

  •         A CDN gives you an opportunity to cut down your hosting expenses;
  •         When you apply for a CDN, you always get a strong internet connection for broadcasting your video files;
  •         You can reduce the load on your initial browser with a CDN (even if your initial server goes down, you may still keep your site running with the help of one of the servers connected to the CDN network);
  •         A CDN use can help you protect your site from spammers, scrapers and other malicious bots.

Though using a CDN seems to be quite beneficial, it isn’t a free service: you need to find an appropriate CDN company and book such kind of services from it.

Now, we’re going to share several tips on how to choose the best CDN vendor.

Choosing the Best CDN Vendor Tips

The owners of the websites who are willing to apply for a CDN for WordPress or for any other reasons are often required to choose a CDN company to deal with. The number of CDN providers is rather big nowadays, so sometimes it’s quite difficult to make the right choice.

If you really want to use a CDN, but you don’t know which company to choose, you may always take into consideration this short list of tips:

  •         Choose a company that has a data center with servers in the location where your target users reside;
  •         Pay attention to the package of services a CDN vendor offers to you (some CDN companies offer optional services that you may not require);
  •         Take into consideration the price;
  •         Deal with the company that has a helpful and friendly customer service.

These four simple criteria can really help you find the most appropriate CND company.