How to Handle with a Software Audit

Executing a software audit on the corporate network is often considered to be a little bit troublesome as the number of the devices connected to the network can be quite big. However, this problem can be fixed very easily in case you’re using a computer auditing software.

So what do these network scanners do and why it’s beneficial to use such kind of software for creating an inventory list?

Software Audit: What is it?

When you need to investigate your network and reveal all software objects operating on it, you can use a special scanner to do this work. This is a software that can use special scanning bots or agents or be able to scan a network directly from the central installation.

Using such kind of software seems to be quite beneficial as you’re able to:

  •         Investigate your network and see what software is operating on it;
  •         Detect and get rid of the malicious and sated programs;
  •         Determine the number of objects to be involved in the investigation process (you can skip certain groups of objects and boost up the scanning process);
  •         Network inventory software tools can give you an opportunity to scan multiple networks;
  •         You can save the network scanning settings and repeat the process whenever you need this;
  •         Most of network inventory software offer several modes of the network scanning, and you can choose the one you actually require;
  •         The results of the scanning process are often presented in the form well-rounded and printable reports.

Software Audit: How to Choose the Best Tool

The modern market of the software products for the network audit is full of various offers. It’s the main reason why it’s quite difficult to make the right choice.

If you are an owner of company or a firm and you are looking for a nice network inventory tool, you may always try your hands with Total Network Inventory. This is a software that was designed to easy the life of the network managers while executing software audit on the networks. It’s simple in use: you need to initiate a setup file and determine the place where to store the data. It’s an agentless scanning software, so you won’t need to deploy special agents to use it.

The network scanning always finishes with generating a complete inventory report that can be found via a View Details Tab.