How SEO is Changing in 2018

Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, is an always changing art. First, the SEO experts learn how to game search engine algorithms. Then, the search engines update their algorithms. Then the SEO experts once more come up with techniques to improve website and online content rankings. It’s a cycle that repeats nearly every year. However, SEO underwent some significant changes in the past couple of years. Let’s look at how it has fundamentally changed in 2018:

Video is Overtaking Text

Remember when SEO was all about inserting keywords into bodies of text? Not anymore. The popularity of video has skyrocketed in the past two years, largely thanks to the rise of handheld devices. It was obvious from the early days of 2018 that video was going to be the big thing this year, and possibly beyond. More and more brands are creating video content and it’s this content that’s in most demand for optimization. Video optimization is a lot like text content optimization as well. In the coming months, expect to create optimized video content to remain competitive.

Keyword Stuffing is a Thing of the Past

No more than five years ago, SEO was largely limited to cramming as many keywords to paragraphs and headings as much as possible. Google was quick to catch onto this tactic and keyword stuffing is a dead technique. The latest Google algorithm updates are sophisticated enough to filter out high-quality content from the bad, keyword-filled content. This filtration process involves recognizing relevant and related phrases in content. So, there’s no need to add tons of keywords to content anymore. Using one or two highly targeted keywords is quite enough to get good rankings as long as the content is good. It’s highly recommended for brands and small businesses to seek out SEO experts like to optimize new content.

Welcome to Augmented Reality

Technology has predictably advanced rapidly in recent years. The latest craze overtaking Silicone Valley is virtual reality. When it comes to mobile platforms, augmented reality, or AR, a form of VR, is the newest thing. There are hosts of new apps already out there that use AR. Snapchat is an example. The most famous example is the Pokemon GO game, which became a viral sensation. Since then, everyone wants AR content. In 2018, get ready to optimize content for AR apps or to optimize AR content in general. In coming months, AR would most likely be as ubiquitous as video is right now.

Hello Voice Search

It’s not just the web searches that content has to be optimized for. Thanks to the rapidly spreading consumer interest in voice-powered software and smart gadgets, voice search is on the rise. According to Google’s data, more and more consumers are conducting web searches by speaking search queries into virtual personal assistants like Siri and Alexa. Though voice search is not as pervasive as text search, it’s increasing popularity is making voice search optimization a high priority for most companies. Optimizing for voice-powered devices involve using keywords people are most likely to speak out. This is a new realm of SEO and it will definitely be interesting to see where it goes.

There you have it; the future of SEO. In the coming months, your company’s SEO strategy will have to be improved using at least one of the above-mentioned facts.